Residential cleaning service
Specialized in cleaning: villas and apartments in short-term and residential rentals. 
Welcome service for your guests, laundry management, preparation of welcome packs, assistance in household accidents.

Key keeping service
Control and inspection of housing:
Checking the houses condition accessing periodically or when necessary (ventilation, opening of taps and cisterns etc)
Individuation of possible pests, detection of humidity. Control and review of the exterior
Supervision and control of every element of the house: doors, fencing, terraces, awnings and mail collecting.
In addition we supply ad hoc inspections or according to meteorology.

Management and troubleshooting
Ready to handle any breakdown that may occur in your properties.
We count on specialized professionals and technicians of each sector (plumbing, electricity, painting, etc.)

Cleaning of communities and offices
The cleaning is done in the most adequate and efficient manner, always trying to increase the efficiency of service, time of delivery, quality of the results. Our extensive experience in cleaning up communities and offices guarantees an excellent result.

Our control/review method helps us to improve constantly our work according with the client’s needs, offering always the best service.